$450K Wisconsin home has four toilets in one bathroom

2022-06-15 14:18:29 By : Ms. moon Li

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The family that poops together stays together?

Sellers of an otherwise quite normal Wisconsin home are likely praying there’s a buyer out there who believes as much, as it certainly adds appeal to the currently-for-sale house. The Milwaukee property boasts 3,913 square feet, six bedrooms and 2.5 baths — one of which has four toilets in the same undivided room.

A listing for the single-family, currently priced at $450,000, makes note of the home’s two-car garage, hardwood floors and beamed ceilings — but not the unique restroom setup. 

However, some property history shared by listing agent Jane DiChristopher helps shine a light on the possible reasoning for the consecutive crappers.

The 171-year-old home was built by one Fowle family in 1851 before spending some 70 to 80 years as a farmhouse. Then, in the 1920s or ‘30s, the home was donated to the Girl Scouts of the United States of America. It was the youth troop, DiChristopher told House Beautiful, who installed the strange bathroom situation while occupying the address.

“As a former Girl Scout myself, I know how big one troop can be (the average is around eight to twelve girls in total), and I imagine living in the same house as that many people necessitates a greater number of toilets (and sinks) than your average abode,” noted the House Beautiful reporter.

In addition to installing three bonus toilets to the room in their time at 300 Hawthorne Ave., the Girl Scouts also hosted former President Herbert Hoover’s wife for tea, and it is rumored to have been a part of the underground railroad. With the exception of the extra toilets, the home’s setup and amenities have been fully restored to those of the average residential property.

Despite the rather banal logic for the toilets — which at one point may have had dividers — the internet still became enthralled with the listing this month after it was posted to the Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild. “We can all hold hands together in there,” the account captioned a post of pictures from the listing.