Meet Growatt's new VITA 550 portable power station [Video]

2023-01-13 12:40:49 By : Ms. DAVID HUANG

Power storage and solar experts Growatt have just debuted the VITA 550 Portable Power Station after the success of its INFINITY 1500 and optional solar panel arrays. The compact model is being sold at a special introductory price until January 31. Get $130 off for a limited time with coupon code “GroVita550”.

Read on to learn more about this small device that offers big possibilities for charging a wide array of appliances. Free Solar Panels

Meet Growatt's new VITA 550 portable power station [Video]

Easy-to-carry battery-powered portable power stations are typically lighter than traditional generators, and they’re safe to operate indoors, unlike gas-powered generators. They’re ideal for camping and road trips and provide home backup during power outages. They can also be used for DIY and off-grid living.

All Growatt portable power stations, which are equipped with AC outlets, DC ports, and USB ports, have handles so that you can take them wherever and whenever you want.

Growatt debuted the VITA 550 Portable Power Station on January 5 at the US CES. The Growatt VITA 550 is a portable power station that can supply all your small device needs, and much more. The station houses 11 output modes:

Weighing in at just 18.5lbs this small power bank incorporates a bi-directional inverter and 538wh of LiFePO4 capacity. The bi-directional inverter increases the charging speed and save the users from bringing the bulky adapter. The recharge speed of the VITA 550 is spectacular, as it’s able to fully recharge in 1.6 hours. To give you a comparison, it’s common for electric bike batteries of this size to recharge in 4 hours.

If it’s hooked up to 100W or 200W Growatt solar panels, then the VITA 500 can charge in 2.5 hours under full sunlight with a 240W solar input. At 2.5H, Growatt’s solar panels are some of the best in the industry: They have 99% MPPT efficiency and almost no energy loss occurs. Pairing solar panels with your battery is a must, as that ensures you can always get power from the outdoors and don’t have to rely on the grid.

The display on the VITA 550 is incredibly easy to read and understand. The charge level is front and center, and the output levels are shown both in watts, but also in time remaining. This offers easy to read answers for those of us who don’t want to face off against math class every-time we plug in a phone.

Actually using the device is pretty much plug and play. With the press of a button the ports will instantly provide power to whatever is plugged in, and the display will show how much time you can continue until the battery needs to be recharged. Super simple. With a total of 600W of output, you can use a much wider array of power needs all at once. There are limitations. For example, I plugged in a space heater that was over 600W, and the VITA 550 simply shut down for safety. While it doesn’t offer much in terms of burst power or heavy needs, it’s a great way to put a toe into the water, and even expand into a high-efficiency solar array (100W or 200W) from Growatt.

On top of the device is a wireless power transfer platform, allowing for seamless charging for compatible phones and devices. If that wasn’t enough, it also includes a steady and SOS flashing LED light. In a tight spot or emergency, it’s good to know the light can be flashing for help. Controlling the device is incredibly easy, but with the My-Gro app, it’s even easier. The VITA 550 has both bluetooth and wifi connectivity, allowing the unit to be monitored and even controlled directly from your phone.

Growatt is a top global power storage manufacturer with 11 years of experience in residential energy storage and solar energy solutions. Its battery storage products feature built-in bidirectional inverters, super-fast AC and solar charging speeds, and 99% MPPT efficiency.

The company, which is an expert in the clean energy solar and storage field, is recognized across Europe and the United States for its top-quality solar and battery storage product performance. It’s provided quality products to more than 3 million families and individuals.

Buy a VITA 550 Portable Power Station now with a $100 off and an extra $30 off with coupon code “GroVita550” during the early-bird pre-sale to bring the price down to $399.

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Meet Growatt's new VITA 550 portable power station [Video]

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